Give back to KING with Charity Charge!

Americans charge $2.5 trillion to credit cards every year yet $16 billion worth of credit card reward points expire annually. By allowing their points to expire 31% of credit card users are leaving money on the table for banks to absorb into their bottom line. Are you one of these credit users? Why not donate those unused points to KING and support youth in foster care? Charity Charge wants to take these unused rewards and create more profits for nonprofits, not banks.

The Charity Charge mission is to empower people and corporations to fund the causes they care about simply by using a credit card. Although one of the big credit card companies asks: “What’s in your wallet?”. We prefer the question “What’s in your heart?”

Earn 1% cash back to ANY nonprofit of your choice with every purchase you make- choose KING

  • No Annual Fee
  • Tax Deductible
  • Comes with all of the great benefits of a World MasterCard