June 4, 2018

2018 KING Concert Club ft David Ramirez

Kids In A New Groove is excited to announce the 2018 KING Concert Club ft David Ramirez on Thursday, August 16, 2018Your membership to the 2018 KING Concert Club provides over 170 youth in foster care with free, weekly music mentorship. We thank you for your support in empowering our students to transform their futures! 

Questions about your 2018 KING Concert Club membership or about how you can attend? Contact Laura Wood at Laura@KidsInANewGroove.org.


Check David Ramirez out on Spotify by clicking here and join Kids In A New Groove for a fun, intimate evening with one of Austin's best singer-songwriters!  

David Ramirez's new album We’re Not Going Anywhere was released worldwide on September 8, 2017. With his fourth album, Ramirez arrives. Production given over for the first time (to Sam Kassirer), the sound rises to meet the heft of Ramirez's writing, though surprisingly, through melancholic, Eighties-pitched synth and guitar. 
- Austin Chronicle