May 17, 2016

Enroll a Student

Enroll a Student

At Kids In a New Groove, we provide free, private, in-home music lessons to Youth in Foster Care. Our unique program provides the instruments for each student, performance opportunities, and dedicated Mentors who will work to encourage our students musically and in all aspects of their lives. We aim to help give our students all the tools necessary to be successful as they participate in and age out of care.

Our Music Mentors are very carefully vetted and have a passion for music and for sharing that music with others.

“Thank you so much! It’s because of people like you that I can actually progress towards accomplishing my dreams. You are so amazing for doing what you do. I signed my first autograph last night!!”

- Alyssa, KING student, Age 18

"When offered the opportunity to work with foster youth and children who are 'in the system,' I had no idea it would change my perspective on teaching. Meeting with these kids each week drives home the intense connection music creates between people of differing backgrounds, races, and abilities. Watching a withdrawn teenage girl in a residential treatment center fo grom refusing to talk or make eye contact to singing on stage at the X Games is nothing short of an amazing transformation. It's not my teaching necessarily. It's the program - the weekly contact, her knowing I'm gonna be there no matter what's going on around her, and knowing that during our time together, she doesn't have to be anything to anyone. She can lose herself in singing. That's huge."

- Julie Fiore, KING music Mentor