May 17, 2016


In what regions does Kids in a New Groove serve?

Kids in a New Groove currently serves youth in Central Texas. Please contact our Program Coordinator Charlene Warnock at for more information.

Does a child have to be in foster care? 

Yes, the child has to be actively in the foster care system at the time of enrollment.

How are children accepted into the program? 

Anyone can enroll a child in Kids in a New Groove (CPS caseworker, a foster parent or biological parent, or another volunteer, such as a CASA volunteer, etc.) through our online intake application found here.

What is the age limit?  

We currently provide music mentorship for youth in foster care that are ages 5 and older.

What type of lessons are available?

We can find instructors for any type of lesson, such as voice, piano, drums, clarinet, trumpet, guitar and more.

Are teachers background checked?

Yes, all Music Mentors go through an extensive application process, including background and reference checks.

Are lessons in the child’s home, or at a central location? 

Lessons are located in-home to ease transportation difficulties, although we can also arrange for lessons to be at a central location depending on transportation and availability. Kids in a New Groove requires a foster parent and/or caregiver to be present at all times during lessons and any other time a KING Music Mentor is present in the home.  

What is the intake process? 

The adult submitting the child needs to fill out an intake form, available here. We can also mail a form to those who do not have internet access.  After we receive the intake form, we proceed to match the student with a mentor and set up the lesson based on the child’s and teacher’s availability. This process usually takes about two weeks.

How long do the lessons last? 

Lessons are typically 30 minutes long each week, but it depends on the type of lesson and the age of the child.

How long can a child stay in the program?

A child can stay in the program as long as the teacher and child are finding the lessons productive. If a child is reunified with family, adopted or ages out of foster care, they are able to continue lessons with his/her Music Mentor for up to one year.

Does my child have to have their own instrument? 

No.  Kids in a New Groove provides a rental instrument if the child does not have one. If the child is progressing and meeting goals, students have an opportunity to earn their very own instrument.

Does my child have to have musical ability? 

No, your child just needs to have the desire to take lessons, and that’s it!

Are lessons free? 

Yes, they are absolutely free!

Are Mentors paid?

We have been moving to an all-volunteer Mentor base and currently, 80% of our mentors are volunteers.