May 17, 2016

2017 Music Matters Luncheon

Join Kids In A New Groove for the 5th annual Music Matters Luncheon on November 15th!  

The Music Matters Luncheon is an annual fundraiser dedicated to why music matters to our community and our organization.  This year, we are excited to welcome Gigi Edwards Bryant as our Keynote Speaker! Kids In A New Groove will also kick off our 2018 KING Concert Club  and announce all participating artists for next year. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to see great Austin artists while supporting a great cause! 

11:30 am - 1:00 pm
November 15, 2017
JW Marriott, 110 E 2nd Street, Austin, Texas 78701
Keynote Speaker: Gigi Edwards Bryant

 To find out more information on attending, please contact Executive Director Laura Wood at

Keynote Speaker: Gigi Edwards Bryant

Gigi Edwards Bryant is a wife, mother, community volunteer, business owner and elected official. She has also served Texas and the community in many appointed, selected and volunteer positions. She speaks nationally about the need for focused care and enforced strategies to end the institutional practice of rearing children in a system whom are not ready or able to endure even life’s everyday responsibilities.

She carried her experiences living in the foster care system full circle when she was appointed by the Governors Bush and Perry to serve on a number state board and commissions, however, the light sparked when she was chosen to serve on and then Chair the Department for Family Protective Services Council.

She believes that the solutions to caring for our traumatized children lies in policy, strategy, and reform within the child welfare system and how we look at trauma in children who are not our own. As well as, implementing practices in care that truly considers that these are children and children have a life cycle which depends on us to hand amplified, traumatic situations. Gigi uses her story of growing up and aging out of the foster care system along with her life experiences to highlight how our nation, with its surmountable resources can restore traumatized children into healthy, empowered children who can go on and become contributing adults.

“If there is one thing we know, in this nation; it is how to raise children. We have spent time, talents, and treasures making sure children are safe, protected and educated. Why not, give “our” children the best, when they need it the most.” It’s time to change the story, not the words”.