About us

Kids in a New Groove's (KING) mission is to provide Central Texas children living in foster care with a committed one-on-one mentoring relationship through free, weekly, private music instruction. Since 2009, KING has empowered over 700 youth with music mentorship. Children in foster care are a highly vulnerable and underserved population. Having undergone emotional, sexual, or physical abuse, the children’s lives are traumatic before they even enter foster care. Our music mentors and their students build a lasting relationship of support which helps our students succeed academically, emotionally and socially. KING equips youth in care with concrete tools to show the world and, more importantly, youth themselves what they can accomplish with passion and dedication.

  • High School Graduation rate

    For the past FIVE years, 100% of eligible KING high school seniors have graduated high school. This is an amazing accomplishment compared to the national average of 47% for youth in foster care.

  • Mentorship Hours per student

    Our students receive an average of 25 hours of free, private music lessons and mentorship per year in the instrument of their choosing.

  • 13-17 years old

    42% of our students are between the ages of 13 to 17, with the next highest population being 9-12 at 30%, 5-8 with 22% and 18+ with 6%.

  • Percentage of Volunteer Mentors

    100% of our Mentors are Volunteer Music Mentors who commit to a minimum of year's worth of weekly, half- hour, music lessons.

Donate to Kids In A New Groove and change the life of a child in foster care through music mentorship! Donating is safe and secure, guaranteeing that Kids In A New Groove can continue the mission of empowering youth in foster care to transform their future. Kids In A New Groove is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means that all donations are tax deductible.