Mentorship: A Proven Life-Changer

January is National Mentoring Month, a time of year in which nonprofit organizations from across the country rally the citizens of their communities to donate their time, skills, and energy to become a positive role model in the life of another person. National Mentoring Month is also the perfect time of year to reflect on the great work that’s being done year-round by the countless mentors all over the world who tutor, teach, and actively get involved in the lives of young people who face challenges and hardships early in life that often lead to unfortunate outcomes as they grow older.

Studies performed by several national mentorship organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters and MENTOR, The National Mentorship Partnership, have noted some of the amazing benefits mentorship can have in the lives of young people who are considered “at-risk.” These studies found that mentored youth, as compared to their peers who do not have a personal mentor, are more likely to hold leadership positions at school, participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer in their community, and enroll in college. The studies also noted a reduction in symptoms of depression among youth with mentors, a general boost in self-confidence, and higher levels of achievement at school. Mentored youth were also less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol, skip class, and act out in violence against their peers.

We at Kids In A New Groove see first-hand the incredible, life-altering impact that can occur when a responsible adult takes an interest in improving the life of a young person. For the last three years, 100% of KING’s eligible students graduated high school, as compared to the national average of less than 50% for youth in foster care, and 95% of those youth went on to pursue higher education or enlist in the military. KING’s Music Mentors serve as positive role models and teach students how to set and achieve goals, how to build an appropriate relationship with an adult, and how to be self-disciplined and responsible. Over time, the mentor/student relationship encourages youth to develop a trusting relationship with a caring, responsible adult, positively influencing their lives over the long-term.

Without question, KING’s mentors are the lifeblood of our program. We can never thank them enough for their generosity of time and talents! They inspire us every day!

This National Mentoring Month, why not consider donating your time to making an impact in the life of young person? If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a mentor with us, follow this link (or pass it on!) to sign up today!

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