From Foster Care to the Olympics

Many years before Simone Biles won any of her four(!) Olympic gold medals for her amazing feats in gymnastics, she was a child of foster care, born to a drug addicted to mother and eventually adopted and raised by her grandparents. Last month, Biles wrote an inspiring article for CNN that not only details how she overcame the many difficult obstacles life placed before her to become a champion athlete and representative of her home country, but also advocates directly for the thousands of other young people who live within the foster care system in the United States. As Biles points out, the life of a youth in foster care is difficult and emotionally taxing, but with the right people intervening in the lives of young people living in this system the negative statistics that typically haunt them can be overcome and conquered.

Biles’ argument for caring intervention is the heart of what we do here at Kids In A New Groove–cultivate relationships between responsible, encouraging adults and youth in foster care that can turn the tide away from the negative life outcomes young people living in the system often face. The success of our program proves to us every day that music mentorship is a powerful tool of change in the lives of young people! Consider becoming a music mentor with Kids In A New Groove today!