Foster Awareness Month: Housing Crisis in Texas Foster Care

During the month of May, organizations across the country join efforts to raise awareness about the difficulties faced every day by young people living within the foster care system. In this endeavor, KING created our Foster the Music campaign last year in which we partner with local businesses throughout Austin to spread awareness about this often overlooked population and raise funds that directly serve our mission to offer weekly, in-home music mentorship to youth in foster care throughout Central Texas.

We at KING so often find ourselves focusing on the positive changes our program makes in the lives of youth in foster care that it’s easy to lose sight of the full breadth of challenges these young people face while living in a system that doesn’t always seem to take their full emotional and physical well-being into account. Recently, one of our staff stumbled across an episode of the investigative journalism podcast, Reveal, that offered each of us at KING a sobering insight into the current crisis in housing for Texas youth in foster care and the difficulties faced by state and local officials trying to resolve these issues.

This in-depth look at life inside a bureaucratic system that effects so many lives across the country is as vital as it is rare. We need to hear these stories. We need to understand what these children go through so we can effectively advocate for and serve their great and many needs. We have to face these difficult truths if we ever want to make comprehensive change in the lives of this large and vulnerable population.

You can listen to the podcast on the Reveal website here or by searching, “Reveal No Where to Run” wherever you listen to podcasts.